Taking care of your house is essential in order to ensure that it stays beautiful and preserved. Being careless with the little things can result in damages which may accumulate into a big disaster which takes a lot of money to fix. It’s far better to take care of the little things then fix the large issues. Window care & maintenance is important to maintain the look of your house as well as preventing long-term damage. Here are some valuable window care & maintenance techniques that you can use.

Regular Window Cleaning

It is important to wipe your windows regularly. Use a damp cloth to remove the dust and grime. Remember to not use excessive moisture as this can be absorbed by the window frames and cause damage. Vinyl and aluminum frames can be washed with mild detergents. Another thing that you must remember is to clean the window frames on the adjacent wall as the dirt can accumulate and give a bad look to your windows.

Recommended Window Care & Maintenance

Inspect Your Windows

It is very important to inspect your windows regularly. This is because San Diego windows, especially wood windows, may have holes, areas of decay, or splinters. You will need to repair these issues before they become more severe. For metal windows, you can use a special metal probe, which helps to look for any dents or cracks. This will help you to eliminate a problem with your windows before it even starts.

Check the Window Sealing

San Diego windows can be susceptible to sealing defects. This can interfere with the insulation in your home. The main reason to check this aspect of window care & maintenance is to save yourself money on heating your house. Proper window care & maintenance will cost much less over time than the expense of heating a poorly insulated house.

Recommended Window Care & Maintenance

Re-Painting Your Windows

For window frames, you should re-paint every 3-4 years. This will help to ensure that the windows are insulated and protected from the environment. However, make sure that the windows are well cleaned before the paint as accumulated dust can make the process ineffective. Another important thing is to make sure that you do not paint on the moving parts of the window to avoid them being stuck.


Window Repairs

It is best to repair a window as soon as you spot damage. Fix any cracks or holes as soon as you spot them. The longer you leave them unattended the more they will deteriorate. Bad wood can be removed with a screwdriver. You can fill any holes or cracks with an epoxy putty. This will prevent infestation and will fill up these small defects. Simply smooth the putty with sand paper, once it is dry and paint it to make your window look brand new.

All these tips for window care & maintenance will help your windows last for a long time. You can also employ the services of Crawford Contracting who can fix and maintain your windows flawlessly. They also offer window replacement if need be. The important part in window care & maintenance is to keep an eye out for any defects. The sooner you spot them, the sooner you can fix them and the less will be the cost.