Typical Mobile Home Maintenance

A mobile home requires maintenance exactly like other homes, in some cases, even more. Similar to other types of investments, mobile home maintenance is extremely important in order to make sure that your investment is protected. Here are some typical ways in which you can maintain your mobile home.

Maintain the Roof

The shelter is of utmost importance, and if your mobile home has a defective roof, chances are water may spread into the walls and in some cases may even cause damage to the interior. The best way is to have the rooftop layered with a durable roof structure coating yearly. Check regularly for rubble, and lacking or damaged parts to fix as soon as possible.


Level it up!

Standard houses don’t need leveling checks; however, a mobile home is susceptible to leveling problems and it is best to keep an eye on this parameter. An angled level could cause internal problems in the house, which could lead to unforeseen problems. Check the leveling of the house annually. This is best done with a carpenter’s level. If, after calculating the level you see the house is not level a specialist should be called for help.

Mobile Home Maintenance
Mobile Home Maintenance

Skirting Ventilation

Skirting functions as an insulator for your home, it gives safety from pests, and it contributes to the charm of the curb. Skirting should be secure so animals can’t go through, but it should have enough airflow so that dampness can’t damage the house and mildew can’t grow. Proper air flow is serious business. Quite simply, there must be one square ft. of venting for each and every 150 square foot of space under your home. You need to set up these vents within 3 inches of every corner so that you can avoid dead air pockets.


Pipes and plumbing

Mobile home plumbing is somewhat different from site-built homes. However the basic principle is the same; the domestic plumbing system has a supply line, a drainage line, and venting. The pipes need to be able to breathe so that they can work properly. Preferably, all mobile homes should have a shut-off valve at every water outlet. When possible, add some to the bathroom and faucets in the toilet and kitchen as well. Be sure you know where the primary shut-off valve is to your house, too.


Mobile Home Maintenance

Stains and Discolorations

When you’re interior wall surfaces have vinyl fabric coverings they could be cleaned with a minor detergent. For more stubborn discolorations you may use a stronger cleaner. For ceiling discolorations, repainting is obviously your best option. Sometimes spot stains can be easily covered with some chock or even erased by a soft eraser. It’s always better to try the easy approach before you move on to radical ones.

Mobile home maintenance is not very difficult. However, you do need to take care of the small things in order to keep your house working at its best. The tips above are some of the typical things you need to check when maintaining your mobile home. Keeping them on regular notice will help you preserve your without the need for much replacements for a long time.