How to decide when to replace windows in your home or business

Are you having trouble deciding if and when to replace windows in your home or business? There are many things involved that you can get muddled easily, plus, how do you know when it’s time to change them? They may look perfectly fine, yet could be eating up your energy bill due to improper insulation. It’s really your choice about when to opt for window replacement. However, here are some points that can help you decide whether it’s time to replace your windows or not.

1. Look for visual signs of fault or wear in the windows

Inspect your house windows for any apparent signs of rot or decay or other harm to the hinges. Check if the seals are destroyed or if there are any chips or faults in the glass. House windows can be broken by sunlight, water or rapid changes in weather so it’s best to look out for these easily detectable sign of damage. If your windows have these faults, their performance can be compromised and it’s better to opt for a window replacement.

2. Check your home’s curb appeal

House windows are one of the prominent features of a home, and if indeed they look worn, your home will too. Many people in San Diego choose to replace their windows for the sake of renovating their home. Check if the color is fading or the windowpane materials are warping, this could be a sign that its time for a new window installation. When designing windows, the design and the composition both matter. This is why it is necessary to choose windows that are both durable as well as stylish. If your windows start fading away too soon, it’s best to replace them with more durable ones to ensure that they last.

when to replace windows
when to replace windows

3. Consider the overall performance of your windows

Can you open and close your windows without difficulty? Are there any creaks or imbalance in the windows? You may also want to consider any droughts in the house. These could all be the signs of faulty windows needing repairs.  Sometimes you might even see condensation between your panes which simply indicates that the panes have failed to insulate. If so, the window should be replaced by a suitable unit that is better adapted and is more durable to stand the daily wear and tear.

4. Evaluate the energy efficiency of your windows

The quality of your windows could be the cause of the surge in your bills. When you have single glazed home windows, not only does it have a significant difference in the comfort of your house but it also affects the amount of heat lost to the outside, leading to higher energy bills. You can conserve energy two times by opting for double or triple glazed home windows. Many San Diego windows are now glazed to provide energy efficiency. New energy conserving glazing has the capacity to reflect heat back to the room. These efficient windows can considerably lower your bills by conserving energy.

All of these factors signify times when it’s better to opt for a window replacement. Yes, it can be difficult to opt for the right time, however, the factors above will surely help you decide when to replace windows in your home or business. At Crawford Contracting, we offer high-quality window Installation with a number of modifications to suit your house needs. Contact us today for a free in-home estimate!