Window Frame Material Comparison – Vinyl, Wood, Aluminum, & Composite

Window frames are the basic skeleton of your windows and the window frame material you choose should require considerable thought. They play a role just as significant as the glass during window replacement. There are a number of window frames in the market and it can get quite confusing when you set out to choose one. Which one is the best? In reality, no one frame is the best. In fact, all the different window frames in San Diego have their pros and cons that give them individual properties so that you can choose the best one that suits your purpose. Here we describe and compare different San Diego windows so that you can easily choose the ones that work for you!

Vinyl Window Frames

The biggest pro of the vinyl frames is that it is a maintenance free material that doesn’t rust or splinter so it can last quite a while. Plus, it is a good insulator, perfect for cold places. In addition to this window frame material can be purchased in either wood lock or wood grain finish depending on your preference, so you really have some choice, to begin with. On the downside, vinyl frames may sag with time and although they are generally resistant to heat, they can’t stand open flame and will easily melt.

Wood Window Frame Material

Wood Window Frames

If you are looking for that vintage expensive look this is the right choice for you. The wood window frames have a beautiful loo and are great for adding value to your home. They are also good insulators and work perfectly to reduce the noise transfer during window replacement. However, they are more expensive than vinyl frames. Perhaps their biggest drawback is that they can easily splinter and are very high maintenance compared to other window frame material types. So, unless you are willing to commit some time and money to your San Diego windows, this might not be the best choice for you.

Aluminum Window Frames

Considerably cheaper than the other options and when used correctly can add some look to your house. However, they don’t do much to prevent the cold or heat from getting into the house as they are conductors. In addition, in the cold, the heat within the house is likely to escape to the outside through these metal frames. Furthermore, the aluminum frames aren’t as durable as the vinyl ones but still better than the wood frames for your window replacement.

Composite Window Frames

These frames are made of different materials combining different strengths into one. It does offer a variety of color choices which is a great advantage and does not require frequent maintenance. Weighing these pros down is its cost. Composite frames are costly and according to different varieties, their durability varies.

Composite Window Frame Material

All in all, the window frames you chose basically depend on the needs of your house.  Choosing the right frame may have a significant impact on the energy expenditure of our house. The different pros and cons mentioned above will surely help you realize the different pros and cons of the different window frame styles and material. The choice can affect the look of our house, your regular maintenance schedule as well as the temperature within! Choose wisely to select the best material that works for you.